• FC Progetti


FC PROGETTI is a young Turin company specialized in the development of industrial solutions

through linear systems, from consultancy and design to the construction of mechanics.


Alusic is a leader in assembly systems and components for industrial automation.

With Alusic we share the logo, image of union, a single symbol that represents the shared mission of using the best technology

at the service of customers.

Main services

Study of the solutions

When you have a blank sheet in front of you,
it's easier to solve things if you're supported.

Structural Analysis

A virtual model comes to life!
What is built contributes to a higher efficiency in terms of costs and time, but also helps to transfer professionalism .


The language of the numbers is spoken everywhere.
So that automation can guarantee the required performance, with the right dynamics and the right balance..

Mechanical supply

From the project to reality!
So that your ideas can come to life ... and shape!


From 3D to 2d models sheets, reality meets the idea.
The right choice of material and construction technology.


The idea becomes visible before being tangible.
For each model can be attributed aesthetic properties as well as physical, which allows the creation of photo-realistic images for commercial use.

Graphic design

Communication lives through visual expression.
A complete work is given mainly by a professional presentation.

Technical advice

The value of an idea is the uses of it
So that everything can work as it should, limiting errors as much as possible.

3d Printing

When ideas get real
Quick prototyping and structural 3D printing

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Informations :
  • E-mail: fabio.cerrato@fc-progetti.com
  • amministrazione@fc-progetti.com
  • Via Chambery, 80 - 10142 Torino (To)
  • Tel. +39 011 011 411 5561
  • Mobile: +39 338 / 73 41 432
Working hours :
  • Monday to friday: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
  • Saturday : 9.00 am to 1.00 pm